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Sustainability reporting

The Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility (IDOP) has been educated by the certified GRI program, therefore we consult in accordance with the most recognized GRI methodology for:


  • Consultation during preparation of sustainability reports or non-financial statements.
  • Consultation in development of the materiality matrix.

Sustainability reporting or non-financial reporting includes the process of measuring, publishing and reporting to internal and external stakeholders about economic, environmental and social aspects of business as well as anti-corruption policy and the protection of human rights.

Investors, buyers and other stakeholders expect the business sector to report transparently on their social and environmental impact, as well as their goals for the future. The benefits of meeting these expectations are twofold: Credible reporting will build confidence and position your company as responsible and sustainable, and the reporting process itself will positively influence your business practices and ESG performance.

Sustainability reporting is a very complex process. There are many different international standards and frameworks, ranking methodologies, disclosure systems and reporting principles. It is important to select the most appropriate formats and adapt reporting processes accordingly.

How can we help you?

Sustainability reporting is used for measuring, understanding and communicating economical, environmental, social and governance performance. Strategic alignment with core business and governance processes can rise awareness and help redirect your business towards more sustainable practices.

We will help you develop your report in accordance with Global reporting initiative (GRI) standards or EU standards for sustainability reporting (EU SRS).

Integrated reporting goes beyond traditional corporate reporting. It allows you to control a variety of factors that influence tangible and intangible, financial and non-financial resources of your company. Reports provide strong foundation for communication on your value creation processes and promote integrated governance in whole organization.

We will help you to identify and decide what to include in the reporting process in order for you to establish internal teams and procedures.

Besides financial indicators, investors and analysts more and more focus on environmental, social and governance performance of companies. They analyze these information using ESG methodology for rating and ranking. We can determine which methodologies are most applicable to your company and help you to deliver appropriate information to ranking agencies. 

Furthermore, we will perform analysis of missing data and work with you on improvement of ESG data quality with the aim of developing management framework and tracking system in order to improve your results.


Sustainability reporting also implies a presentation of the calculation of carbon footprint of business entities. The business sector should calculate its emissions in order to present the results in the Sustainability report, which includes all required standards in accordance with the GRI Standard and of course the GHG protocol.

We will also perform an analysis of missing environmental data and work with you to improve the internal processes of environmental data collection for the calculation of GHG emissions.

What do you get?

Non-financial report (sustainability report) made in accordance to GRI standards for non -financial reporting.

Higher quality and more transparent engagement of key stakeholders and your company

Calculation of carbon footprint

We are coordinators of national non-financial reporting study in Croatia.

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