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IDOP team

Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility

What corporate social responsibility and sustainable development mean to us?


Corporate social responsibility

and sustainable development are not just another project or initiative for us. We believe that CSR and sustainability should be fundamental part of your practices, business and value creation. 



Year of establishment

Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility was established in 2015. 


Actively working on the future

in which sustainability is the standard, key strategic value and reality. When companies think about sustainability in holistic manner, sustainability can bring financial benefits and social and economic prosperity. 


Core business

Research and consulting work in the field of corporate social responsibility.

Our mission, vision & values


Conscious companies that contribute to the prosperity of local community through socially responsible business operations are the vision of our work. 


The Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility (IDOP) is a research and consulting organization aimed at developing corporate social responsibility and promoting non-financial reporting through independent research, consulting and presentation of best practices in Croatia.


  • commitment to excellence
  • independence
  • morality
  • expertize
  • interdisciplinary
  • transparency
  • innovation
  • creativity
  • team work

Our memberships

We are proud members of international organizations for sustainable development

Our team

Nikolina Markota Vukić, dr. sc.

Consultant for non-financial reporting and EU Taxonomy

Natalija Najjar

External associate in the field of visual and verbal communications

Tomo Hunjak

External associate in the field of environmental management systems

stella idop team
Stella Hrvatin, MA

Sustainability reporting consultant

Matea Šmitran

Consultant in the field of sustainability reporting

Boris IDOP tim
Boris Bulatović

EU funds and EU programs consultant

Nika Kurti
Nika Kurti

CSR and Sustainability Analyst

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