The Basics of CSR and Sustainability in Business (SDGs) - 2019 in Zagreb

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IDOP & CSRI proudly present a Certified Training Course: 

 The Basics of CSR and Sustainability in Business (SDGs)

 in Zagreb, Croatia!

In this course we will focus on the nexus between businesses, governments and the community. The participants will learn about CSR (corporate social responsibility), sustainable development (the SDGs) and their associated management strategies. The participants will discover how internationally accepted guidelines and policies can be customized into a profitable management system for businesses.

We will learn why a growing number of businesses endorse sustainable management strategies while recognizing the need in public participation and a balance between the three components of sustainability - social, environmental and economic.

Course Objectives: 

  • To familiarize the participants with the social and environmental most pressing global challenges.
  • To introduce sustainability terminology and equip the participants with the capability to conduct an in-depth discussion and build argumentation using professional terms.
  • To build an historical understanding of the birth and development of CSR and Sustainability in general and in the business sector specifically.
  • To introduce the main theoretical framework.
  • To present the main global guidelines and managerial tools for implementing sustainability.

Technical information:

  • The course will be given in an intensive learning week-end seminar in June 2019 at Zagreb at a location to be announced.  
  • The seminar will include 5 classes (4hours each) as follows: 
    • Class 1: Introduction, The birth and rise of the modern corporation, responsibility as a philosophical term, the history of CSR and theoretical frameworks.
    • Class 2- The fundamentals of Human Rights and business, the nature of the Business Corporation, externalities and exploring new economic models (cooperatives and social entrepreneurship).
    • Class 3–Business motivations for adopting CSR and sustainability, standards and guidelines (GRI, SASB, ISO 26000, CDP, GC etc), responsible / impact investments.
    • Class 4- Non financial reporting, GRI SRS (sustainability reporting guidelines) materiality, assurance and current regulatory status of ESG (environmental-social-governance) disclosures.
    • Class 5- The SDGs - The history of creating global agendas (MDGs- SDGs), the SDG Compass and the business opportunity behind the Global 2030 Agenda. 
  • The Seminar will be concluded in a case-study workshop. 
  • The seminar is open to up to 15 participants.


LiadThe course will be delivered by Mr. Liad Ortar. Ortar started his way some 20 years ago in politics working in the Israeli Knesset (Parliament). In 2000 he shifted his career toward environmental issues and was appointed as Greenpeace manager in Israel. Later on, Ortar opened his own consultancy firm where he worked with Israel’s largest business corporations in implementing social, environmental and governance programs and publishing non-financial / sustainability (GRI) reports. Currently, Ortar is head of the Israeli CSR Institute (CSRI), he is the General Secretary of the Israeli CSR & Business Sustainability Society and a PhD candidate at the Department of Gerontology, University of Haifa. Ortar’s doctoral project correlate the societal challenge of aging with the realm of CSR. He thought in leading universities in Israel and lecturing about these topics globally. 

The course will be delivered in English.

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