Non-financial management maturity and integration

CSR Europe’s Valuing and Improving Sustainability Management Series

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Through CSR Europe's Valuing Non-Financial Performance (VNFP) project completed in 2012, CSR Europe has explored how advanced 19 of its member companies are in managing, measuring and integrating non-financial performance (NFP) in operations. The project led by members KKR, Solvay, State Street, Telecom Italia and Abis included a series of workshops and company self-assessments with CSR Europe’s Maturity and Integration Assessment Tool (MIA).
It is evident that there is an increase in the number of companies reporting in Europe with a focus on maturity and integration of the management of Economic Social and Governance (ESG) factors within companies and within the supply chain. However, the project results revealed that the real challenges lie with the quality and quantity, there is scope for Improvenment in non- financial management maturity and integration for integrated performance.
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As a result of these findings, CSR Europe is launching a CSR Europe’s Valuing and Improving Sustainability Management Series to address the needs and gaps companies face when integrating financial and non-financial performance management and reporting. The series kicking off in April 2014, will promote best practice sharing and learning networks on the practicalities and challenges of integrated reporting. It will appeal to a number of corporate functions and the activities within the series are accessible separately or jointly, and are free of charge for CSR Europe members.
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