About us

The Croatian Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility (IDOP) is a research and advisory organization focused on the development of corporate social responsibility and the promotion of non-financial reporting through independent research, education and consulting a good practices.

Conscious companies which with a CSR contribute to the quality of community life, make the vision of our activities.


Nikolina, PhD, Non-financial Reporting expert

Nikolina is non-financial reporting expert and consultant for CSR strategies. Along with other members of the team, she helps clients in developing CSR strategies for long-term sustainable business and developing new business practices in accordance with the needs of the changed environment and stakeholder requirements. The core area of expertise is its non-financial reporting, primarily under the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). She regularly participates in various conferences, seminars and workshops in the field of sustainability, csr and finance. Continuous advancement is considered necessary to meet the needs of the clients with an individualized integrative approach.

Contact email: nikolina@idop.hr


Hrvoje, M.Eng.C.E., PhD student (sustainable materials and building construction)

With a background in structural engineering, he has worked on numerous construction and reconstruction projects. He cooperates with a wide range of clients, including the largest national corporations, and assists them in implementing new standardized regulations. His team provides technical consultancy on building materials and components and engineering structures. In order to keep up with the latest environmental standards and innovations in sustainable building, Hrvoje is dedicated to constant research while working on his PhD in reconstruction and new materials at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Sustainable construction experts will help you find the best solutions for your construction projects.

Email: hrvoje@csr.hr